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If you have missing teeth or removable dentures, implants may be the perfect solution. Call Brian S Kubo, DDS Inc. to get a dental implant.

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots and teeth that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. They provide excellent support, stability, and durability.
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Few alternatives for teeth replacement are more natural looking than dental implants. From denture replacements to cosmetic purposes, implants can fix a number of dental issues. In some cases, a new smile in a day is a possibility.
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Reasons for Dental Implants

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space
  • Restore a patient’s confident smile
  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion
  • Restore or enhance facial tissues
  • Support a bridge or denture
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What Is the Implant Process Like?

First, an impression is taken of your teeth to determine the spacing available for the implant. Then, the area is numbed and the implant is surgically placed into the jaw and allowed to heal. 

After several weeks of healing, the artificial teeth are fabricated and fitted to the post portion of the implant anchor. After another healing period, the teeth are finally attached securely to the implant for stability and comfort.
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