Let Us Bridge the Gaps
Between Your Teeth

Find Out If a Dental Bridge Is for You

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Kubo may recommend a bridge as a means of replacement. Visit Brian S Kubo, DDS Inc. today! The most common type of bridge is a traditional bridge made of porcelain, which resembles your natural teeth. 

The bridge is comprised of two crowns that are placed over two anchoring teeth and the artificial teeth, or pontics, that fill the gap left by your missing teeth.
Dental Bridge

Dental Crowns

Dr. Kubo may recommend a crown for your damaged teeth. A crown is simply a covering that encases the tooth, restoring it to the original shape or size. 

Crowns are used to fix broken, decayed, or fractured teeth. They are also used to fix fractured or large fillings, root canals, and for cosmetic purposes.
Dental restoration

Inlays and Restoration

Inlays are customized fillings made of -colored ceramic or porcelain. Inlays are made outside the mouth in a dental laboratory for you and, then, bonded to your tooth by Dr. Kubo.

Inlays are used to conservatively repair teeth with defective fillings or those that are damaged. Inlays are highly durable and can give you years of beautiful smiles!
Dental Crowns

Onlays and Restoration

Onlays are similar to inlays, but also include a restoration of the chewing cusps. Like inlays, they are most commonly made of ceramic or porcelain. Onlays are created in a professional dental laboratory and later applied to your teeth. Dr. Kubo can also restore your existing inlays as needed.
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